Maximum Gold: El Dorado Box

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Your journey with Yugioh Maximum Gold El Dorado Box * begins this fall!

Premium Gold Rare Cards Are Back!

Gorgeous Premium Gold Rares return to give many of your favorite cards a classy new look! Premium Gold Rare Cards have raised golden outlines borders symbols and icons that accentuate the artwork of and add texture to many of your favorite cards.

New Variant Artwork!

Ten more cards get a complete makeover with new variant artwork in addition to the Premium Gold Rare treatment! You’ve seen the new variant artwork for I:P Masquerena on the I:P Masquerena accessories and now you’ll be able to see her in your Extra Deck. Knightmare Unicorn will also receive a new variant artwork giving a powerful combo a new look!

New Cards and Returning Favorites!

Yugioh Maximum Gold El Dorado Box * will also be home to a number of new cards in addition to its many returning favorites. Fans of “Number” monsters will want to keep an eye out for a new Xyz Monster with a mind-bogglingly huge ATK boosting effect and Duelists who have been waiting to complete their set of Premium Gold Rare Dragonmaids can do so with a Premium Gold Rare Chamber Dragonmaid!

Cards that don’t get the Premium Gold Rare treatment will still get a bit of gold themselves appearing as gold lettered Rare cards instead of the standard silver lettering.

Each box will include 4 packs with 7 cards each: 2 Premium Gold Rares and 5 gold-letter Rares.

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