King’s Court Booster Box

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Yugioh King’s Court Booster Box revitalizes Yugi’s “Three Musketeers of Face Cards” – King’s Knight Queen’s Knight and Jack’s Knight – with a new high-speed Summoning strategy that always leaves you with a full hand!

Joining the royal court is the World Premiere Joker’s Knight a 2000 ATK monster similar to Magician’s Souls that can assume the identity of all 3 of the Knights. You can return Joker’s Knight from your Graveyard to your hand during each End Phase by shuffling another LIGHT Warrior from your Graveyard into your Deck giving you a beefy free Summon to use every turn without depleting your hand!

Joker’s Knight isn’t the only new card that’s going to keep returning to your hand though! Two more World Premiere “Joker” cards 1 Spell and 1 Trap will provide you with powerful effects and then return to your hand in the End Phase. Keeping your hand full is important for maximizing the power of the World Premiere Arcana Triumph Joker who powers up based on the total number of cards in both players’ hands and lets you discard cards to destroy all face-up cards your opponent controls with the same card type!

Of course Arcana Triumph Joker isn’t the only monster out there that powers up based on cards in-hand. If you’re looking to power up your Egyptian God Deck: Slifer the Sky Dragon you can use these new cards to gather Tributes add to your Summoning power and keep Slifer the Sky Dragon strong without forgoing your ability to play your cards. Use Slifer and Arcana Triumph Joker in the same Deck for even more firepower!

Yugioh King’s Court Booster Box also has new cards to help out a wide variety of Decks you might have started building in 2021 including new cards related to Deck strategies and themes introduced or supported in Legendary Duelists: Season 2 Lightning Overdrive and more! Be on the lookout for Collector’s Rare versions of World Premiere cards and previously unreleased cards from Japan as well as classic and competitive favorites!

The complete King’s Court booster set contains 62 cards*:

10 Ultra Rares
15 Super Rares
37 Rares
15 cards in the set are also available as Collector’s Rares

Each booster pack contains 7 cards:

1 Foil card per pack
6 Rare cards per pack

Unleash the power of the royal court and conquer your opponents with King’s Court!

Συνδυάστε τις κάρτες του σετ με τα Structure deck των θεών, Slifer & Obelisk!

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