Ghosts From the Past Case (10 Booster Boxes)


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Ghosts From the Past Booster Set

Get ready to witness history come to life in the Ghosts From the Past booster set! This all-foil collector’s set features 132 cards including 45 new cards and 87 returning cards. Among these you’ll find 5 new Ghost Rares that will undoubtedly become prized additions to your collection!

Ghosts From the Past focuses on 9 popular themes from Yu-Gi-Oh!’s past such as Dragunity Shaddoll and Cipher. These themes receive new card support allowing you to bolster and enhance your strategies.

In addition to the themes from the past Ghosts From the Past introduces two brand-new themes. One of them is the villainous Spectre’s “Sunavalon” strategy from Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS which revolves around Plant-based Link Summoning and cunningly interconnected monster effects. The second new theme is an original strategy created specifically for this set.

If you’ve been itching to try out a new deck or complete an existing one Ghosts From the Past has you covered. It includes cards like the new Metalfoes cards from Blazing Vortex the original Armed Dragon LV10 Raidraptor – Tribute Lanius Dark Requiem Xyz Dragon Phantom Knights’ Fog Blade and more. These cards will help you build and fine-tune your decks.

The highlight of Ghosts From the Past is the inclusion of five Ghost Rares. These cards including fan favorites like Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon are presented in a stunning Ghost Rare rarity making them highly sought-after collector’s items.

The complete Ghosts From the Past set consists of 132 cards with the following distribution:

  • 5 Ghost Rares
  • 127 Ultra Rares

Each box of Ghosts From the Past contains three 5-card packs resulting in a total of 15 cards per box. The majority of cards in the set appear as standard gold Ultra Rares.