Cyberstorm Access Case (12 Booster Boxes)


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Yu-Gi-Oh! Cyberstorm Access

Prepare for a massive influx of powerful new monsters for your Extra Deck with Cyberstorm Access! This booster set is headlined by a brand-new Link-6 evolution of Firewall Dragon boasting an impressive 3500 ATK. This behemoth rewards you for combining classic Cyberse Link Summoning tactics with Ritual Fusion Synchro and Xyz Summoning tactics. To further enhance your strategies pair it up with the newest “Code Talker” monster for a devastating one-two punch!

Additionally the story of Visas Starfrost takes you to a strange new world where you’ll experience a powerful new Synchro Summoning strategy while unraveling mysteries. Look to the stars and discover brand-new cards for the “tellarknights” the very first Xyz Monster theme from the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V era. Fans of Gong Strong and his Superheavy Samurai Dueling style are also in for a treat as several new cards will empower them to stand tall in the face of adversity!

In addition to these exciting themes Cyberstorm Access introduces new cards for strategies from recent sets like Amazing Defenders and Photon Hypernova. Here are some highlights:

  • Adopt a new “Purrely” monster!
  • Reinforce your “Rescue-ACE” barracks!
  • Meet a new “Mikanko” dancer!
  • Get up and ride! The Gold Pride race continues with chaotic and destructive action as a new rider goes on the attack!
  • And more!

The Cyberstorm Access booster set contains 100 new cards:

  • 50 Commons
  • 26 Super Rares
  • 14 Ultra Rares
  • 10 Secret Rares

Prepare to enhance your Extra Deck strategies uncover new Synchro Summoning tactics and explore the exciting world of Cyberstorm Access!