Ancient Guardians Booster Box


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Yu-Gi-Oh! Ancient Guardians: Unearth New Monsters in Spring 2021

Get ready for the highly anticipated release of Yu-Gi-Oh! Ancient Guardians a complete 60-card set featuring exciting new strategies and enhancements for existing ones. Just like the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Chaos Toon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Impact Origins sets Ancient Guardians will include 15 Collector’s Rare cards making them highly sought after by collectors.

A New Strategy: Cemetery-based Gameplay

Explore a brand-new strategy that revolves around the cemetery. Yu-Gi-Oh! Ancient Guardians introduces rare and elusive cards that allow you to fill your Graveyard with an abundance of monsters. Unleash these formidable creatures upon your opponent and overwhelm them with your strategic moves.

Pendulum Summoning: Compose a New Harmony

Master the art of Pendulum Summoning and create a harmonious balance in your gameplay. Pay close attention to the Pendulum values of your monsters and maximize your Pendulum Summons for strategic advantage. The set also includes classic cards for Pendulum strategies such as Luster Pendulum the Dracoassassin and Fuocastro Prominence the Dracoassassin Explosive.

Don’t miss out on this exciting release! Yu-Gi-Oh! Ancient Guardians offers new strategies powerful monsters and enhancements for your Duels. Collect the highly coveted Collector’s Rare cards to add a special touch to your collection.