8x Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1


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Immerse yourself in the rich legends and captivating story of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Hidden Arsenal era with Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1. This epic collection allows Duelists to obtain historic cards from the first four Hidden Arsenal sets like never before offering a fresh perspective and unveiling the stories behind these iconic cards.

Expand the power of your Ice Barrier strategy from Structure Deck: Freezing Chains with a plethora of new “Ice Barrier” cards. Overwhelm your opponents with the mighty army of the Ice Barrier and reinforce your Fabled Deck with essential core cards that enhance your discarding tactics and unlock powerful effects. Don’t miss the opportunity to incorporate the latest “Fabled” cards featured in Blazing Vortex into your strategies.

Ghosts From the Past introduces a treasure trove of sought-after “Dragunity” cards from the Hidden Arsenal era providing Dragunity Duelists with an exceptional chance to unlock the legend of this formidable WIND-Dragon Synchro strategy.

In Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1 you’ll discover a unique twist in card availability. While all the cards in the original Hidden Arsenal series were either Super Rares or Secret Rares some of the epic cards in this collection can now be obtained as Common or Ultra Rares through the highly coveted Duel Terminal Technology. Experience the excitement of obtaining these incredible cards once again with a style that has been unavailable for many years.

Key Features:

  • Some of the epic cards included can be obtained as Common or Ultra Rares with the long-awaited return of the Duel Terminal Technology
  • Embark on a journey through the legends and storyline of the Hidden Arsenal era with Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1
  • Each box will contain one of several special collectible dice adding a touch of uniqueness to your collection

Uncover the hidden secrets and relive the epic saga with Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 1!