60 Small Dragon Shield Sleeves – Qyonshi


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Introducing the captivating 60 Small Dragon Shield Sleeves featuring the mesmerizing Qyonshi artwork. These sleeves showcase a unique and mystical design that will make your Yu-Gi-Oh! cards truly stand out.

Crafted by Dragon Shield a renowned name in card accessories these sleeves are made with top-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting protection. The Qyonshi artwork on the sleeves features intricate details vibrant colors and a touch of mystery adding an air of enchantment to your card collection.

These sleeves are specifically designed for small-sized cards such as Yu-Gi-Oh! cards providing a snug fit without any unnecessary bulk. The precise sizing allows for easy shuffling deck building and gameplay ensuring a seamless experience during your duels.

With the Qyonshi artwork adorning your sleeves you’ll not only protect your cards from scratches dirt and wear but also make a bold statement. The unique design will undoubtedly catch the attention of your opponents and fellow players making your deck a true conversation starter.

Upgrade your card game accessories and infuse your Yu-Gi-Oh! collection with an element of mystique and allure with the 60 Small Dragon Shield Sleeves featuring the captivating Qyonshi artwork. Protect your cards in style and let the magic unfold with every shuffle and draw.