25th Anniversary Tin: Dueling Heroes Mega Pack Booster


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Prismatic Secret Rares are one of the things Duelists love most about each year’s Mega-Packs since Tins are the ONLY place to find this exclusive and beautiful rarity type. And this year we’re giving you twice as many in each Tin!

Each 25th Anniversary Tin: Dueling Heroes includes 3 x 18-card Mega-Packs each with TWO Prismatic Secret Rares two Ultra Rares a Super Rare a Rare and twelve Commons.

Total per Tin:
6 Prismatic Secret Rares
6 Ultra Rares
3 Super Rares
3 Rares
36 Commons
(and 1 Quarter Century Secret Rare – see below!)

The massive Mega-Pack set contains almost 300 cards from recent sets including Battle of Chaos Dimension Force Darkwing Blast Tactical Masters The Grand Creators and more!

In addition each Tin will include a Quarter Century Secret Rare version of one of the sixteen monsters decorating the sides of the Tin – some of the most famous and iconic monsters used by the series’ Dueling Heroes!